Agent Distribution

Emerald’s Hierarchical Structure

Emerald™ is enabled with a powerful, yet simple Back End CAP (Central Administrative Portal) Interface, which allows you to control and configure various levels of hierarchical structures for the distribution of your vouchers, and the movement of money in the system. The Hierarchy will enable the creation of branches, sub-branches, Distributors and levels of Agents as an example.

This allows the movement of money from the sale of vouchers, with commission structures, to move to the top, while vouchers are distributed to the lower levels. There is full control over vouchers in the hierarchy, as well as each pre-funded account of each hierarchical entity – thus reducing fraud, recon time, and distribution risk.

The Roaming Agent model

There is a growing need for pre-paid services to become ubiquitous, while there is a large number of SMEs needing opportunities. Enabling vendors, street merchants and roaming agents to resell and distribute pre-paid solutions to consumers wherever they are. The Agent pre-funds their account, purchases vouchers, coupons or tickets for various services they want to sell – where vouchers are then received to distribute via mobile interface, App, or POS.

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