Enable Virtual Services

How to Reach my Customers

Meet Awesome.Inc – who offer all kinds of Services to many diverse Customers.

Awesome.Inc have shops, branches, a website and roaming agents but don’t seem to reach the Consumer base they want.

Market research says there is demand for their Awesomeness, but its just too much effort to jump through hoops to reach them.

How does Awesome.Inc ubiquitise their services?


The vast majority of South Africans understand mobile banking via *120* services. If Awesome.Inc makes their services available to their Customers.

  • Enable a simple Menu structure with your services.
  • Capture more Customer information on USSD and register new Customers for services. Increase your brand awareness.
  • Enable VAS like Airtime, Electricity, Ticket sales, Lotto, with your current services. Increase your turnover.
  • Provide information that is needed to your Customers.
  • Enable your Agents to do their business via USSD, increasing your footprint. Increase your revenue.

Get all the data

PMT provides full MIS reports on a daily basis for activity on your USSD platform together with its 24/7 Monitoring and support of your service.

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