Transport Ticketing Solutions

Public Transport Mobile Ticketing

No more ticket stub fraud or loss of revenue due to paper tickets manually redeemed by an operator. Emerald’s Distribution Solution enables Ticket Creation, Storage, Redemption and Quarantine.

Consumers buy an M-Ticket online, which is redeemed at the point of presence, where access is given to the passenger in real-time.

Buses, Trains, Taxi’s, and more

Because Emerald™ is versatile in the types of vouchers it can create, store and redeem, the solution is universal to any Transport Ticketing solution.

Distribution Methods

Tickets can be bought at retail outlets, where the batches of pre-generated tickets are dispensed at tills like is currently done for Airtime, or distributed by Agent Networks, Sold via USSD on mobile-transacting platforms or online banking platforms.

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