Ease of Transactability

Disrupting the forms of transactability

We believe that transactability should be in the lowest of hierarchical needs, right along with access to information and internet. Transactability pertains both the cost of transactions, as well as the ease of access – making access seamless in the day-to-day journey of the consumer, merchant, agent and corporate.

In the payments journey, every party involved does their part, and takes a cut for it. South Africa’s National Payment System is one of the leading and most advanced and regulated in the world, and we have protecting legislation and regulations on transaction costs, however, many South Africans still find the traditional instruments too expensive.

With Amethyst™, you control the fee structure, commission structure, as well as the prices for transactions, and whether there are any fees at all. This means that the attractiveness for the consumer, together with out many configurable channels, including App, USSD, Card and ATM access enables both ease of access, and control over costs.