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PMT offers comprehensive solutions for your analysis needs.

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    Analysis Consulting

    Our expert team of analysts and engineers have consulted into Banks, Retailers, Government, Insurance, MNOs and other small to medium enterprises across the world. We produce comprehensive documentation on your analysis concept and facilitate expertly run workshops to ensure all stakeholders are well appraised of the subject matter, direction and requirements.

    High Level Analysis

    This phase produces an overview document to outline the concept, basic requirements, and provide a high-level estimate on time, scope and cost.


    If not provided, our team will provide you with a BRS that is in line with standards outlined in BABOK and other Analysis frameworks. The BRS is delivered in a signed project already initiated.


    The technical or functional specification will be produced to enable technical resources from various fields to produce Technical Systems Specifications and distill functional requirements into technical implementation. The FRS is part of the initiated project phase.