PMT™ has partnered with The Family Africa to improve its ECD Programmes

Early childhood development (ECD) is essential to bridge equity gaps and overcome multigenerational poverty. PMT™ has increased its role as a partner to The Family Africa in expanding the coverage of quality ECD services.

The holistic nature of Early Childhood Development requires collaboration, consensus and partnership across different actors and sectors. Each development sector — health, nutrition, child protection, education, water and sanitation — has its priorities. Still, each industry also has a significant role to play in the development of young children. Each development partner can reach different audiences through various methods and individual strengths.

Teachers are using their android phones to connect to flat screens, with shared access to thousands of resources, reading schemes and numeracy activities. Using Smart TVs, we can make available curricula, posters, books and more which are entirely out of reach of real grassroots preschools. Linking to our Children’s Enrichment Centre in a township where the children and teachers experience firsthand the techniques as well as enjoy hands-on indoor and outdoor activities. The centre also serves as our teacher training centre.

PMT™ is a firm believer in partnership and collaborative action. It is only through successful partnerships that we can reach young children with services and support. PMT™’s collaboration with The Family Africa promotes broader investment in young children, the scaling up of critical programmes and the more comprehensive fulfilment of children’s rights.

PMT™ is proud to work with The Family Africa and many other organizations in efforts to provide integrated services and a supportive environment for young children.