PMT™ Supports TymeBank to Create Accessibility for Their Customers on Their Banking App through Reverse Billing.

Few will know that Pattern Matched Technologies™ (PMT) has supported TymeBank with digital and channel technologies since its establishment. TymeBank is now a world leader in digital banking, offering the market’s lowest cost bank account and launching innovations at a breathless pace. 

PMT’s Obsidian™ Service Connectivity Platform has supported TymeBank to offer their more than 6.2 million customers the ability to access their banking services without mobile data through Sponsored Data and ZeroRating™ of Data Services to create a good customer experience on their banking app. 

TymeBank Chief Technology Officer, Bruce Paveley commented as a digital bank, optimising our customer experience is crucial for our success, and partnering with PMT™ has enabled us to make our platforms’ usage free by zero rating any data that our customers use to access our platforms. Thus, removing barriers to banking services for all South Africans. 

For PMT™ to work alongside Clients like TymeBank, who bring innovation and disruption to the market, is both a privilege and pleasure and a mutual environment in which to innovate, serve the Consumer, and thrive. 

The Journey to The Obsidian™ Service Connectivity Platform. 

As PMT™ has been a pioneer for reverse billing (Sponsored) services such as USSD since 2011 and reverse billing of Data URLs (Sponsored Data) since 2014, PMT™ identified fundamental features that were not being serviced through the traditional reversed billing solutions. 

In 2020, PMT™ substantially invested in creating their solution, and this is where the Obsidian™ 

Service Connectivity Platform was born offering a more enriched and secure Reverse Billing (Sponsored Data) and ZeroRating™ Data Service. 

The first production release of the Obsidian™ Reverse Billed URL Gateway was taken into production at the end of January 2021. PMT™ has been working with major financial institutions to enable them through the various Obsidian™ implementation models available to enable Reverse Billing (Sponsored Data) and ZeroRating™ of Data Services on their mobile banking services to expand their reach and grow their customer engagement and inclusion. 

The Obsidian™ Reverse Billed URL Gateway is Mobile Operator agnostic and can provide and facilitate the enablement of the Reverse Billed URL (Sponsored Data) Services across all the Mobile Operators and various service providers. 

PMT’s Managing Director Henning Viljoen commented this product is an Enterprise core-grade service offering positioned for enterprise banking, mobile network operators, IoT operators, and cloud-scale service providers. He further stated that they had trademarked the name as Obsidian™, in line with their other gemstone names well known as part of the Pattern Matched Technologies™ services offering. The Obsidian™ offering has been received well within the market and is already being rolled out to major Financial Institutions, exceeding their expectations, and will soon become a well-known brand.